Hampton & Newman are dedicated trial lawyers whose first and most important objective is to help their clients prevail in their case.   They employ aggressive trial strategies and techniques to ensure effective and convincing representation. Often times the case can be settled and they have participated in arbitrations and mediations with insurance companies and  their lawyers to effect settlements that provide compensation so that mounting medical bills, lost wages and the like are covered and taken care of.

About Hampton & Newman

Aggressive Trial Lawyers, Relentless Negotiators For The Injured

We know and understand very well that an injury to anyone affects his or her entire life, often resulting in difficult and desperate times for those who cannot pay bills, who have to travel long distances in Wyoming or Utah to see their doctor or who don’t understand or have the expertise to deal with insurance adjusters who are often eager to settle the claim too early.

Hampton & Newman bring calm to the storm and offer practical legal advice so that the injured person or the remaining heirs of a lost family member can receive monetary compensation that is fair, adequate and just when the claim is resolved. 

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  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Motorcycle/bicycle accidents
  • Semi tractor-trailer accidents
  • Aviation accidents Wrongful death
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