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Case Verdicts and Settlements

Every case and claim is distinct and different on its merits, depending on whether the injured person shares fault in causing his injury or whether the injured person has pre-existing medical conditions which may affect the outcome.  Nonetheless, Hampton & Newman have litigated and/or settled claims where the injured person or the surviving heirs have recovered millions of dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars of compensation. 

In a railroad case, the injured railroad worker received compensation in excess of $9,000,000.00 and in a wrongful death case of an oilfield worker, his heirs received $1,200,000.00 in compensation.  David Hampton obtained a verdict for a pipefitter some years back in 1988 in which the jury awarded the client $310,000.00 for a fractured ankle because his earning capacity had been compromised, and which was the largest verdict in the Pinedale district court at that time.  Hampton & Newman obtained a district court judgment of roughly $840,000.00 in a disc herniation case for their client in a case against a semi-driver. 

Hampton & Newman have obtained numerous settlements and verdicts in amounts of hundreds of thousands of dollars for those who suffer injuries to the spine, generally arising out of motor vehicle and industrial accidents. 
Also, Hampton & Newman has obtained settlements of $500,000.00 or more for their clients who suffered  traumatic brain injuries, arising out of claims against a trucking company, an oilfield company and in case against a local school district.

Hampton and Newman recently settled a case involving a young man who was struck from behind on Interstate 80 by a Salt Lake City trucking firm who caused serious internal organ injuries and a brain injury to the victim. The case was settled for $700,000.00.

Some Recent Settlements

  • September 2010 - male, motor vehicle accident, Sweetwater County, herniated cervical disk. $325,000,00

  • January 2011 - elderly woman, motor vehicle accident, Sweetwater County, traumatic brain injury with chronic headaches. $600,000.00

  • July 2012 - young male, motor vehicle accident, Sweetwater County, chronic headaches with future medication and treatment related thereto. $450,000.00

  • September 2012 - middle age female, motor vehicle accident with commercial trucker, lumbosacral injuries, strain and headaches. $150,000.00

  • September 2012 - male, industrial accident, Sweetwater County, hand injury. $725,000.00

  • November 2012 - young female, motor vehicle accident, Sweewater County, sternum and finger injuries. $140,000.00

  • January 2013 - male, fall down steps at Quality Inn, Rawlins, Wyoming, herniated lumbar disc. $485,000.00

  • April 2013 - elderly male, motor vehicle accident, Uinta County, foot and facial injuries. $200,000.00

  • May 2013 male, industrial accident, Sweetwater County, lumbar disk injuries. $625,000.00